If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. - Ghandi

Built with passion and ingenuity

Coonelli was started to fill a gap in the way that mid market companies are served.

Too large for things that worked before, but too small to justify the enterprise solutions;
this special group of companies need something different.

Providing that something is our purpose.


Using experience and knowledge gained in the enterprise space, combined with time spent in small shops we've found ways to get enterprise results on smaller budgets. Why would we bother doing this? Because I see my customers and employees as family;

I want to see you overcome obstacles and realize goals. I want us to all prosper together because together we're stronger, together we're smarter, together we're unstoppable.

I invite you to look around at what we can offer you. When you're ready, we'd love to hear from you.


Wishing you great success,
Jeffrey A. Coon


Our Metrics


Whether it's internally or at our customers offices we're always looking for ways to automate, delegate or simplify things. Because time is the only asset we only get once, let's maximize it.


We're talking about true hardened reliability. We research old topics to see what's changed. We continually assault our own work to make it better or more secure. Because today is a new day, and we're preparing our customers for tomorrow.


You can get ordinary anywhere, so why would we want to offer it? Our focus is the above-average. Figuring out how we can get better results, bigger numbers, and create more genuine interactions with people.

Our Methodology

The framework projects and services are executed in has a monumental impact on the final result. See if ours aligns with your needs.

Our Methodology


We're always looking for talent

Do you keep finding yourself going out of your way to produce a better result? Do you draw attention to things months before anyone else realizes it's an issue? Perfect! Let's make things awesome together.

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